Resources for Faith Communities

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We encourage all Communities of Faith to go into their archives and make transparent their own history with regard to slavery, segregation, racism, discrimination and white privilege. We encourage faith communities to study the true effects of slavery on today's society, both black and white. On the Resources for Faith Communities page we offer information that may be helpful to faith communities as they take up this crucial spiritual task.

C. Mark Hollomon/A Scriptural Perspective on Reparations

I just want to take a moment to applaud the members of your organization for your courage and great integrity. Truth is often confrontational and uncomfortable to hear, but that does not mean that it should not be heard and acted upon. Only through truth can lasting change and freedom be realized. Observing how South Africa took ownership of their past, instead of trying to ignore it, and used it as a springboard for their revitalization efforts should serve as an indictment and an example to America on how to heal the wounds of the past.

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