Minton Brooks


Minton Brooks has helped launch a 'Truth, Reconciliation, and Repair' initiative within the Unitarian Universalist faith community. Along with the white antiracist organization that he leads, Allies for Racial Equality (ARE), Minton is organizing to show the film Traces of the Trade at 100 congregations and ten district assemblies, and help congregations research their complicity and links to slavery and the slave trade.

Minton has also been active as a white ally in the Tulsa Reparations Coalition, advocating and organizing on behalf of the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa race riot/war/massacre. He organized the passage of a resolution on Tulsa race riot reparations at the 2001 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Cleveland and he was instrumental in the UU faith community helping the victims receive the only monetary repair they have seen. He would be able to present/speak on the Tulsa race riot as well as on reparations in general and the effots of the UU faith community.