Donna Lamb, Communications Director


Donna Lamb serves as the Communication Director of CURE. Ms. Lamb, an award-winning journalist living in New York City, has been a passionate supporter of justice to African Americans for about two decades. She believes that when any honest, fair-minded person sees--really sees--the colossal injustice that has been committed in this country against people of African descent, both during the enslavement and afterwards, he or she couldn't help but see reparations as just.

Along with being a staff writer for Caribbean Life newspaper, Ms. Lamb has been widely published on the subject of reparations and other related issues in such newspapers and on-line publications as Global Black News, the Greenwich Village Gazette and Turning the Tide. She also facilitates workshops on that form of racism known as white privilege.

Photo is of Donna Lamb speaking to a class at York College in Queens, NY.